Thursday, December 13, 2012

Back in Pokhara

For the Most Breathe Taking Experience So Far


John and I did this our first morning back in Pokhara.  The owner of the business is from England and he has been a birder since the age of seven. 
He came to Nepal when he heard all the Egyptian Vultures were dying off due to a drug used by vets to aid in joint pain in cows and other livestock. When the cows evidently die, the vultures will eat them. This drug causes liver and kidney failure in this beautiful rapture. These birds are now dangerously close to extinction. 
Meet Kevin.

Kevin is 3 years old. He was recused as a chick.  And due to his upbringing he can not be released back in to the wild. So he enjoys each day flying from one paraglider to the other.  He responds to a whistle, flies up behind us, grabs a chunk of raw buffalo meat and takes off to the other glider.

John is ready!
And we are getting ready.

In the air...side by side.

Coming in.


It is water will like it.


And he is gone.

Until the next time.

We did this about 8 times on a 30 minute flight. Then as we got close to our landing a handler brought Kevin home with another blow of a whistle. 


Kevin back in his cage.

Share the sky and save the vultures!!