Saturday, December 1, 2012

We Joined the Circuit

  Annapurna Circuit

But not for very long. If we wanted to go to Poon Hill we had to join the crowds of trekkers on this popular Napoli trek. But check out this map of the area.  Do you see any of the names of the villages I have written about?  For the first time in 10 days we saw other hikers from so many countries; Korea, France, China, Germany, UK, Canada and even the US. We entered the circuit at Chitre, where we stopped for lunch. Here started our up hill hike for the next 5 hours, passing most of the foreigners, to rest at the very touristy city of Ghorepani.  We stayed at the hotel at the very top of the city steps, a nice place with hot showers, rum hot chocolate and apple crisp with custard. 

Map of the Annapurna Circuit

Our group getting ready

Crossing a bridge built by the military.

Another built by villagers

A beautiful hand carved window 


I bought a fish lock for my boss.  He loved it.

Lots of steps in this town, but no roads.


Annapurna South
Others used pack mules.  We used porters.  Our porters
played Yahtze with us.

Our Hotel

The plans were to rise and shine at O'dark thirty so we could hike an hour straight up to Poon Hill to view the sunrise on the mountain range.  We took a vote to sleep in and see them later in the morning. I am an early riser so I was out walking the slates with Leesa and John.  As the trekkers were returning we overheard them talk about the fog, no view of the mountains at all. It was a bust. So by the time we got there at around 11, the mountains were out in full view and we had the whole hill to ourselves.