Saturday, December 1, 2012


Virtually Unknown but Oh the View!

So it was a great day for a hike.  We crossed fences on log ladders, share some water buffalo milk with a clever farmer, saw Nangi from way up high and shared an incredible night in Mohare and woke up early for an awesome sunrise. All in a day on the mountain!  

Easy going up, but here we had to climb down.

We could see Nangi from here.

The farmer built this fence around his property
to keep the tiger from killing his buffalo.  He thought
it was amusing since any tiger could get through this
fence, but he "knows" the farmer's wishes now.

Tiger poop, had to be, only animal known
to eat other animals.

Here they bred male yaks with cows to arrive at a hybrid that was strong,
 produced more milk and could live at lower altitudes.

The 2 long buildings are the lodge.  The blue is storage and
the orange roof is the dining hall.

Never tire of a mountain view.


Guides, Porters & Hosts!

You can see forever!  That small white dot close to the middle is
the lake at Pokhara.

Our gang likes high places!

I enjoyed this sunrise.
Don't you?