Sunday, December 2, 2012

Headed Back to Nangi

It is All Downhill from Here

Starting at 11,000' and ending back in Nangi at 7200' was classified as a difficult 4 to 5 hour hike.  No problem for me.  It was like what I am used to here in the Rockies. We started above tree line so the first part was rolling grassy fields.  Yes, steep with narrow paths. But a stroll just the same. We even walked through a small area where there once was a forrest fire.  That is a very rare sight here in Nepal. And I do not have any pictures of it.  I suppose all my friends are right when they claim all I see is the beauty in the world.
Note this unusual mount.  It is like a wave of dirt!

Where did the path go?  Who cares, just walk downhill!

Maggie Noodle lost her footing, but Chandra grabbed
her backpack and the puppet was saved.

Meeting up with the porters who were always way ahead.

A well deserved "lay down" after lunch.

Just before we arrived back in Nangi we came across this incredible tree just covered with purple flowers.

Chandra picked one off to show us up close.  This flower is a type of orchid
that attaches itself to a tree, any tree it picks,  just like a staghorn fern.  Then
he placed it back on the tree.