Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Final Trek

 Well for Some of Us Anyway

There is a jeep that runs daily on this extremely rugged road from Nangi to Beni.  And a few in our group decided to do that route. Debbie and Luna, Katy and John hopped in the jeep that juggled them all the way to the river. While the rest of us endured one of the best hikes so far. 
Final look back at Nangi

It started with an open trail with grand views.

Just ask Maggie.

The jeep.  Talk about a 4WD experience.

Going to the River.

Then we walked through this wonderful little village with a whole  
lot a character.  It must have been close to a mile of strolling through
their charming quaint town. 

Fresh paint!

Fresh patio!

Fresh design!

To our next rest stop.  I know you probably think we were here before.  No, these detailed structures are every where. Most provide shade and a comfortable place to rest and/or have lunch.

Chandra in a tree.

But not the same tree as this praying mantis.

Fellow resters.

Back on the trail and watching the monkeys.
Colorful Beni, where we meet up with the jeepers
and catch a bus to Pokhara.