Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nangi Is Going Places

As a Town it is Innovative and Growing by Leaps

The town has the very best school of all the villages we visited. Most schools are  just first grade thru fifth or sixth.  Nangi's school celebrated graduating seniors this year, many have gone on to college. The school has hopes of offering college glasses soon and developing in to a community college. Their students come from 100s of miles away.  Before they stayed in these small wooden cottages with an old wooden fence separating the boys from the girls. Today they have a recently constructed male and female dorms. And here is a pic of their library.  They have a very large computer lab with excellent wifi, allowing for a global education.
Spenser found the English section.  It had a great selection.
Organic mushroom hut (just harvested)
Then we have the fast growing women's industries.
Paper making building

Paper dryer rackd
Unfortunately we did not get to see 
the women in action.  It was still holiday there.  Even the school was closed.
Finished Paper  Products
The small item in the middle is a journal.  Debbie gifted each of us with one.

Purses straight off the loam. 
Yes the women have become independent since most of the men leave the village to join the army or work in other countries.  Besides most of these women are also the farmers and many are mothers. 

And with their community lodge and dining hall, this tiny village will grow as does the tourism and trekking business.  We, as a group, wanted to give back to Nangi in some way. Chandra suggested funding the development of a litter and recycling program. It was thought a good place to start is with the school. 
They could reward students for picking up litter and also "not to litter" in the first place. He will bring up the idea with the village council men and women.
A pledge from each of us for a dollar a day would fund this program. I look forward to aiding this project.