Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nangi Cultural Day

A Cultural Final Day in Nangi

On our final day in this lovely village our hosts entertained us with their cultural dances.  The young were upbeat and modern with an old style message of love.  We enjoyed 4 or 5 dances before the elders took over the stage. 
The young group performed first.

Chandra told us he used to dance in both groups. He even lead the youth group for awhile. Then he played the drums with the elders.  However, you need to be single to dance with the elders and now he is married.  He also shared with us that the young dance "with" spirit and the elders dance "in" spirit. The elders actually go in a trance while dancing and drumming. And he felt he wasn't feeling the spirit and so he was cheating the spectators as well as his people. One of the shamans actually passed out during a dance. I couldn't take my eyes off of them.

Then to older ones.

Then we joined in.

 Notice how good we are. I think we danced three full songs. Notice our beautiful Marigold necklaces that they made for us. A fun time was had by all.

And we danced...and we danced!
Debbie with her mother-in-law and sisters!

An afternoon with Grandpa.

Nangi locals were there to make sure we all had a great time.

Cardie gave her red hat and black Uggs to Prim's mom.

We were all gifted prayer scarves upon departure.

I will never forget this village.  I hope to return someday.  And I know for sure that I will gift them in some way.  If anyone out there wants to experience this village our even take a trek similar to this one, please contact me.  I will help you connect with Debbie and Chandra.