Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We were extremely satisfied.

Most Nepalis are vegetarians, some out of choice and some out of necessity.  The staple meal is daal bhaat.  Lentil soup, rice and curried vegetables served on a large stainless steel platter. You can spice it up with pickle and chapati (unleavened bread). 

Daal Bhaat, the lentil soup was served on the side.  It is poured over the rice. 


Drying beans

Fresh veggies for sale.

Fruit stand.



Pasta and pizza, one of our favorite meals.

Pastry window.  Check out the Yak Cheese.

Pear apples?
Roadside Buffet

Fresh Salad

One of our favorites was momos, a Tibetan potsticker.  I never got a picture  of them.

Kaji was our saviour.  He would just go in to any kitchen anywhere and just take over.  He knew what we liked and served us with a smile.