Thursday, November 29, 2012


  The Old Village on the Cliff

This old little village on a cliff was warm and friendly.  What am I writing here? All the villages were warm and friendly.

Unlike any where we stayed so far.  A tight knit village connected with 100's of steps.

Amazing little village.

Our little greeter.

Walking through the village in search of our next lodge.
Our next night's lodging.

Remember I told you before that the country of Nepal was celebrating a month long holiday similar to our Christmas.  Well today was the actual holiday.  As we entered the village I noticed everyone, adults and children alike, had patches of sticky rice on their foreheads.  Shortly after we were settled in and had our tea, Chandra came in to say the oldest gentleman of the village is in charge of blessing all the villagers on this holy day.  He told us this elder had offered to bless us as well if we so desired.  Well, we all raced to the door for this unique opportunity. And we crossed the stairway to enter a small abode one by one.  We moved through several rooms before entering their "living room" complete with bunch of grandchildren and a small TV.  We took turns sitting cross legged in front of him.  We were told to hold our hand palms up  below our face to catch the dropping blessings. He chanted 3 blessings as he placed the rice on our foreheads 3 times.  He then placed a small bundle of herbs behind our right ear.  He chanted a bit more then placed his hands together for a warm Namaste.  Chandra told us later we were blessed for happiness, health and abundance for the upcoming year.  The herbs were a blessing for the season's next harvest.  Life is great, let the new year begin!

Later I gave this holy man my winter jacket I no longer needed, but he could definitely use it. 

Blessed Trekkers!
Here we are all tika'd up and feeling good!

These pots were stacked right outside our bedroom door.  Think of all the great food that once cooked in them all.

Heading out the next morning.

Check out our departing view.