Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Meet Our Guides

Chandra, Kaji and Prem

These three guys were our inspiration!  They lead us on over 100 miles of ancestral trails through rainforest, jungle, rolling hills and awesome forests. We hiked up to 12,000 feet and traversed back down to 2600 feet over the next 18 days. Mind you our mission was not to summit, it wasn't all up the first 9 days and all down the next 9. We changed it up. We were on the roller coaster of the Annapurnas.

Our leader of the pack

Luna loves her Daddy

What a great smile!
Meet Chandra, Deb's husband, Luna's father and our fearless leader. He is a native of Western Nepal, born and raised in Nangi. Also a man of all trades, besides guiding treks he is a choreographer, an actor, a comedian, a musician, a computer geek, an environmentalist and our spiritual advisor. 

Rowing on Lake Diamond

Kaji was our tail end guy.

Entertaining Luna
Kaji is Chandra's best friend.  He is a Sherba from Eastern Nepal, growing up in a small village just below Everest base camp. Oh man can this guy cook! He told us his uncle taught him and during the month he taught several of our women to make the best mo mos ever! Our last Napoli meal was at his restaurant in Kathmandu.

Chandra means sun and Kaji's first name means moon. The Napoli flag has pics of the sun and the moon, so I bought all 24 of us flag stick pins to remember this adventure. Even Luna got one.

Playing Shy

Shelly bought him this jacket so
she wouldn't lose him in the crowd at Pokhara.
Last, but never least, is Prem, Chandra's cousin. He was our comic relief. He will one day make a great guide. He started out as one of our porters then when our group split in to two, he and Deb guided the smaller group. He will always maintain a soft spot in my heart.