Friday, November 16, 2012

Testing Our Strength

Bandipur and 2 Test Hikes

Our 5 hour bus ride ended at a wonderful guest house in the village of Bandipur.  This small village provided us with 2 what I call 'test hikes'. We arrived around 4 in the afternoon and after picking out our rooms and slipping on our hiking shoes for the first time we were ready to hike to Gadhi, a hilltop ridge to partake in an awesome sunset. 

Heading out for our first hike.

Just a few more steps.

A few young guys from Ireland were trying their hardest
to pitch a tent.  Deborah and Shelly couldn't stand their agony.
So they jumped right in and pitched it for them! 


Rhona finds peace with the guest house dog.

The next morning we were back on the bus to travel 3 miles down the road to a trail head that would head us right back up to Bandipur with a short stop at Siddha Gufa, said to be the largest cave in Nepal. 
Easy start to a day long hike.

Our first excitement happened when  John stepped back
 to take our pic and slipped over the edge.

Can we hug this tree?

In side the cave.

We started at that river.
In the cave.
When we left the cave someone asked Chandra how far to Bandipur.  He pointed to two radio towers way up at the top of the mountain.  We all thought he was kidding. He wasn't.