Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kathmandu Nightlife

Tongbas, Music and Poetry

Walking down the dark alleys (aka city streets) at night was a bit of a challenge. There we were with our tiny beams of light planted to our foreheads, avoiding pot holes, doggie do dos and motor bikes...all while keeping 19 miss placed tourists together.  I am surprised we did not loose anyone. 

Carlyn tries it.

John likes it!

Just in case you wondered
what millet looks like.
After another fabulous meal we engaged in a bit of the local firewater.  Tongbas!!!  It is a pot full of fermented millet that hot water is poured in to, allowed to steep, than we all had our chance of slurping this saki like, powerful concoction. We kept adding hot water to get the very last drop of alcohol. It was okay, but Maggie required 3 sips accompanied by 3 horrible faces before she agreed this drink was not for her.

Before returning to Ting's we stopped to listen to one of Deb's favorite bands. Luna sure does know how to dance!  Back to our hotel for a poetry and art show. Our little hotel was crowded, possible over 100 people. A local art ezine announced a poetry contest and 6 poets were honored. And the walls were full of interesting digital photography. The talent was remarkable. Later a NJ poet recited one of his works via skype. Imagine all this talent, art and technology together in Kathmandu.