Monday, November 26, 2012

Tea Houses

Community Lodges

Every night we were welcomed at our tea house by 2 or 3 hosts. Most of these lodges were way out in the middle of no where.  We were served tea almost before we got our packs off. And a few hours later a wonderful dinner.  How they managed to have fresh food for 20 hungry trekkers that far off the beaten track amazed me. Of course, Kaji always took over the kitchen and used whatever they did have to prepare an awesome meal. No one ever complained about the food and we always had more than enough. Then after dinner we would sit around the stove and share stories or play Yatzee. Our Chandra, Prem and Kaji would entertain us with their guitar, drum and flute. Our once a porter danced for us. Most of the nights we were tucked in under the fat yak comforters before 9 pm. The walls were thin and you could hear snoring, coughing and several trips to the potty. Every once in awhile there were other trekkers at our tea house.  That was always a treat.  New stories to hear and tell. I miss those little guest houses.


Dark long hall. 

Dining room.

Friends in High Places



One of our hosts admires Chandra's backpack Martin guitar.

This was just a rest stop. Later other trekkers and porters stopped to rest as well.
Chandra, the kind gentleman that he was, shared our snacks with everyone.

Small room with cardboard rugs.

Loved this sign.

We called this one the Taj Mahal.