Sunday, November 11, 2012

Getting to Kathmandu

During the months prior to this incredible adventure three of my wanderlust friends needed no encouragement to join me.  Leese, Jim's sister-in-law, joined  us from Woodland Park, Colorado.  A born mountaineer and recently retired school teacher, she was on a mission to find a sister school to partner with her elementary school in C Springs.  And John, my healer from Pasco, Washington was on a spiritual quest. He would prove to be the only one allowed to wear shorts the whole trip. He was the only male among 19 Women on the Edge! Maggie, my Summit County hiking buddy would join us later.

Yes, those are Singapore Slings!

This is our plane.  The largest I have ever flown. 
Debbie and Luna
Maggie gets High!
Leese and I started at Denver Airport on early October 9th, met John at LAX around noon to catch our Singapore Air flight to Kathmandu. Around noon on October 11th we were greeted at the crowded and very hectic third world airport by the only white women bearing a huge smile calling out my name. 

PS On our last leg of the flight I sat with a young Napoli family returning to Kathmandu for the upcoming festival. They were both born and raised there, now living in Australia, neither one had ever seen a sno-topped mountain. In utter amazement I pull out my iPad and show them the Rockies, a moose, a herd of elk and a pic of Bleu! His mouth dropped and was easy with comments of my most beautiful country. I was soon to eat my humble pie!