Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nangi-Heaven on Earth

Chandra and Debbie's Home

This small farming village is home.  It has beauty, peace, a future and so much love.  It has HEART.  We all felt its arms around us. Coming in at night in the dark then waking up the next morning in the light enlightened me.

6 am in the morning

Then I turned 45 degrees to the right.

Ever person I know needs a favorite
spot.  This is mine.

Chandra grew up here. Many of his extended family still lives here. He, Deb and Luna live here part of the year with his mother. We were invited to Amma's house for lunch and to be part of Chandra's family entertaining Debbie's. And to partake in a bit of Roxy!!!

Simple and yet eloquent.

Amma, Deb, Luna, Gma and Chandra

A very inviting and comfortable home.
What is funny about this picture?
Answer:  White Coke!
No my friends, in that bottle is raksi.

Raksi is better known to our group as "roxy", a distilled rice wine. This one has red mushrooms added for flavor. We enjoyed this sake tasting spirit with our boiled potatoes and "pickle", a hot dipping sauce. A very delightful afternoon was had by all.

Nangi decided to take part in the trekking tourism several years ago.  Chandra is doing a very good job in making this village a part of that decision. After visiting a number of villages I realize how much trekking means to these people. But do they understand how much their invitation to join their lives for such a few short days can impact us, the foreigners.

Nangi was established as a trekker's stop only 2 years ago.

Our lodge had 12 rooms, one Asian toilet, one American
and a room with a sink.  The hot showers were behind
the dining hall.

Everything happens in the
dining hall.

Our hike today took us to the Sacred Forrest.

Luna leads the way.


One of the nine Hindu goddess' temples.  

Leaving sacred grounds.

Once a year (I think it is in August) thousands of Nepalis pilgrimage to this site to ask the elder of the community to grant them a wish. He dips in to a lake and "gives" them their wish.  If they do not receive their wish before next August they return and ask for it or another wish again. 

There were nine sister goddesses that have temples throughout western Nepal.  This celebration happens the same day at every sister's temple. Every temple has a lake after monsoon season. It being October, this lake was dried up, but we could see where it was.

Touring the village to take in the love of the people...

This cabinet was made to store
food.  It was so tight both doors had
to be slowly closed at the same
time.  It was air tight.  No mice
allowed, only freshness.

Women are the backbone of this community.  Many
of the young men are away in the military.

Imagine eating only what you grow.