Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Meet Up at Ting's

Ting's Tea Lounge

Within the next several hours the majority of the group was gathered up and delivered to our quaint B&B in American terms, but known here as a Tea Lounge. Ting's is located just off the beating path but still within walking distance to everything.
It is a very clean and comfortable hotel in the middle of a busy and dirty city.

Deb's family and friends are mostly from the DC area, where she grew up. And she was correct, all but 5 young ladies were aged between 48 and 72. Most are nurses or in the medical field, yoga teacher and body worker, recent graduates,   a triathlete  and many independent retired powerful women.  Very active, in shape, caring and loving "Aunties" for Luna!

First things First!

Chandra started out taking great care of us with a roll of toilet paper and rupees for all!

Meeting all the Aunties