Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One Day in 8 Years

And We Were There...

A few days into our trek we crossed a bridge and then discovered a small mill below it.  The woman was using the river to provide the power to her grinding stone. She poured the dried millet in to the wooden bin.  It flowed in to the  hole between the two heavy stones.  She later collected the powdered millet.

This was below the bridge.  She poured the dried millet
in to the wooden bucket.

She gathered the powered millet from below the
grinding stones.

Once in 7 or 8 years they replace the top stone.

It took 3 men to bring it down to the river.
The guys actually stopped the flow of the river with a rock.  They lifted out the worn grinding stone and replaced it with the new one.  Lifted the rock and resumed the water flow.

All set and ready for another 7 plus years.

Later we learned that this woman was Chandra's Aunt.  He remembered coming here with his parents as a young boy.