Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Packs On

We heard those words often ....

During the next 12 days we woke up, ate, hiked, ate and recovered for tomorrow. Remember I told you we hiked between 100 and 110 miles, we arrived at that number with our efforts in the next 12 days.  We averaged 6 to  10 hours a day, averaging one mile an hour. Add that to the couple of days already hiked to the few days later and we arrive to this total. For those of you who live in Summit County, we started in Dillon, hiked to Breck, Alma, Fairplay, Buena Vista, Leadville, Copper, Frisco and back to Dillon. Only we went up to 15,300 ft. in the progress. Hope you enjoy our trekking...

Carrie and inspiration for most of the trip!!!

I could live here.

Chandra shared his Martin backpacker with others along the trail.

An average trail for us.

We were so far from the closest road,  supplies had to get to us some how.

Moments to remember.

Can you picture yourself here?

One of many.