Friday, November 23, 2012

Khopra Ridge


Our guest house at Khopra was a yak farm.  As we arrived we actually crossed paths with these cool critters.  Our porters even helped round them up at dusk. The calves were taken in under roof out of the cold. They were milked one by one by the herder each morning as he brought them out in the morning fog. There was one little orphan.  So the herder allowed each calf to nurse for a few minutes then took them away and milked the mom himself for a bit before allowing the calf to return. In the herd of nearly 100, I think I counted 10 babies.  The last babe out was the orphan and the herder was singing to her as he shared the milk he had gathered earlier for her.  She followed him around the yard like a pet dog. It was a treat to see the feeding and care from this herder for his yaks.

Here yak, yak, yak!

Bringing them in at dusk.

Morning feeding

The pet orphan.
Khopra was the highest and coldest spot we ever spent the night and the most remote.  We stayed here 2 nights. No hot water, in fact very little water.  The water flowed down the mountain via a black garden hose that was frozen when we arrived. But there was wifi here and the porters were able to use their cell phones. 

On the left is the kitchen, the round house is the dining room and the back buildings are rooms.  The
orange roof is the yak barn. 

Annapurna South

Spenser is sitting in the area of the sheep hut where the lambs are kept overnight.
She is looking in to the small part where the sheep herder sleeps.

I love this picture of Carlyn thru the window of the round house.

Endless Mountain Scapes

Sunset above the clothes line.