Sunday, November 11, 2012

One Busy Day in Kathmandu

One Busy Day in Kathmandu

We toured Kathmandu today.  We all got out to see, taste and smell this amazing city.  The prayer wheels at bodhnathstupa are always turned clockwise, cause turning clockwise spells GOD and counter clockwise spells dog.
Most of our Group

Carlyn and Spenser

Two lanes of car traffic on the sides and two lanes
of bike traffic right down the middle.

We won the rickshaw race!

Ask if you can take a pic and they flash you
 a peace sign every time.

Aunt Deb with Luna

Durbar Square

Holy Man

Watching the faithful spin each and every one as they completed their ritual parade from the small to the large to the very large. On to Durbar Square where the kings were once crowned and ruled. Then on to Thamel via rickshaws and shopping on Freak Street.